Territory of Medio Juruá Program – Phase 2

Programa Território Médio Juruá - Fase 2

The Project is coordinated by SITAWI, Finance for Good, in partnership with the Partners for Amazonia Platform (PPA) with support from USAID. The consultancy was invited by CODAEMJ - Cooperativa Mista de Desenvolvimento Sustentável e Economia Solidária da Reserva Extrativista do Médio Juruá, located in Comunidade do Roque, AM, to provide legal, economic, and financial advice, prepare reports and spreadsheets on costs and pricing in Excel, accounting diagnosis; collaborate on accountability and coordinate the development of a website and a brand for seed oils in the region.

Photo by: Bruno Kelly


Workshops on costs and price analyses

Programa Território Médio Juruá - Fase 2 - Workshop

There are frequent meetings to disseminate the legal and financial analyses produced by the consultancy firm to meet the demands of the cooperative. The remote sessions aim to assist the Cooperative in decision-making and client relationships.


Trainings , Reports and Presentations

Programa Território Médio Juruá - Fase 2 - Senhor Francisco, senhor Basto, Kelly, Lucivan, Francisca e Neuma Farias

Training is carried out with agro-industry employees to improve their routines through processes adapted to local customs and experiences. The findings of the thematic reports are discussed with the cooperative's management using explanatory slides in online meetings.

In the picture: Mr. Francisco, Mr. Basto, Kelly, Lucivan, Francisca e Neuma Farias