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Innovation; Exports; Human Rights; Decent Work


Socio Biodiversity Supply Chains; Socio Environmental Norms; Community-based Enterprises and Global Supply Chains
I am

Silvia Pinheiro,

lawyer with a master’s degree in International Relations, PhD in International Law and coordinator of the Modern Slavery Research Centre, in the BRICS policy centre, BPC – PUC RJ.I have long experience in research and consultancy in the areas of foreign trade, inclusive business, implementation of public policies on sustainable development and eradication of modern slavery, in global supply chains.I am part of international partnerships with universities in Africa, Europe and Asia, coordinating and managing projects with the support of international and national funds aimed at inclusive value chains and the eradication of slave labour, as well as being a member of the Academy Program of the Institute of Corporate Citizenship – ICE.
Silvia Pinheiro

We believe

in the power of local initiatives and in building bridges between civil society, public and private sectors as tools for transforming lives, territories and planet.
I am

Diogo Velasco,

I am a PhD student in Maritime Studies at the Naval War College (PPGEM/EGN), with a Master’s degree in International Policy Analysis and Management and a degree in International Relations from the Institute of International Relations of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio). From 2017 to 2019, I worked as a researcher at the BRICS Policy Center (PUC-Rio), Fundação Getulio Vargas at the Human Rights and Business Group (SP) and realized reports on environmental public policy analysis for the third sector. Since August 2019 to date, I am a consultant at Spinheiro consultancy, in projects for the development of sociobiodiversity value chains in the Amazon.
Diogo Viana


Action-research projects are an important feature of our academic careers in which theory and experience combine to help solve local problems and promote sustainable development.


We aim to promote community-based enterprises inclusion in supply chains preserving human dignity and the environment.


University Of Leeds
Prof Dr Diane Holt

It was a fantastic collaborative research experience working with Silvia’s team. We were able to negotiate access to communites and provide unique access to marginalised and hidden 'voices' from with the Amazonian reserves.

Dr. Diane Holt
University of Leeds

‘Silvia Pinheiro is a talented scholar, creative and well-networked collaborator, effective project manager and committed activist.  It has been a great pleasure to work with her on our  UKRI funded ‘Global Cities Free of Slavery’ network’ and I look forward to continuing our professional partnership in the future’.

Dr. Alison Gardner
Rights Lab - University of Nottingham

I met Silvia at an event she organised on social business and microcredit at FGV where I got in touch with sector 2.5. Since then, we have become partners in this trajectory of social impact in Rio's communities. To my friend and partner Silvia, much gratitude for the friendship and a heart bent on transforming the scary reality of Rio's favelas through education.

Robson Santos
Social Entrepreneur founder of Aprendin Social Enterprise

Dr. Silvia is very special! Patient and articulate, she knows how to answer our questions and deal with them clearly and professionally, improving our processes and relationships for the solid construction of the organisation.

Raquel Spinelli
Director of the Maravilha Cooperative

I met Silvia Pinheiro in 2017 when she was my lecturer at my master’s degree. Today we are friends and partners at the Contemporary Slavery Research Centre. Silvia is tireless in the search for human dignity, fighting for the rights of those living in vulnerable situations.

Heloisa Gama
iMiGRA Founder


Anti-Slavery EU law Global impact
Anti-slavery International. EU law. A report considering the potential impact of human rights due diligence laws on labour exploitation and forced labour.
Cities Free of Slavery: social determinants of vulnerability to work exploitation
Cities Free of Slavery: social determinants of vulnerability to work exploitation
Relatório de Pesquisa cadeia de valor inclusiva e microempreendedores ribeirinhos: o caso da Reserva do Rio Negro
Relatório de Pesquisa Cadeias de Valor Inclusivas, Compras Institucionais e Oportunidades para Empreendimentos Sociais.
The Multilateral, Transnational and Local Norm Regimes and the Eradication of Modern Slavery in the Beef and Timber Supply Chains in Brazil.
Global Cities Free of Slavery I Workshop in Rio de Janeiro.
Combating Modern Slavery in Supply Chains in Rio de Janeiro’s Favela da Providencia
Local Incentive structure and the constitution of community bases enterprises.
Local Incentive structure and the constitution of community bases enterprises.

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