Inclusion of Community Based Enterprises in Global Supply Chains

Mechanisms, Partnerships and Impacts.

GT Rio

The project was carried out in partnership with the University of Essex Business School - UK and the Human Rights and Business Group of the Getulio Vargas Foundation. Conferences were organised in Manaus, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Reports and academic articles were produced. Field research was carried out in the Sustainable Development Reserve of the Rio Negro, where Community Tourism and timber extraction were the focus and in the Extractive Reserve of the Médio Juruá, the attention was focused on the oilseed and fish supply chains.


Local Productive Arrangements: Challenges and Opportunities

Conferência Manaus

It was held in Manaus at the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation FAS in Portuguese, in March 2017, in a partnership between FAS, FGV and the University of Essex. It was attended by producers in sustainable use conservation units, representatives of the Amazonas state government, leaders of the Territory of Médio Juruá, researchers from the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) and the NGO Amazon Working Group (GTA).


The experience of Inclusive Value Chains in Brazil: Activities and Partnerships.

It was held at the law school of FGV - São Paulo, in October 2017, in a partnership with ICE - Institute of Corporate Citizenship and was attended by professors and researchers, representatives of companies from the food, cosmetics, clothing, riverside and indigenous producers, NGOs, Amazon Fund - National Bank for Economic and Social Development, national and international researchers.

Work Group

Geographical indication, intellectual property and challenges for exporting products from community-based enterprises in sustainable use conservation units

Indição geográfica

It was held during a three-day immersion in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro and was attended by researchers from the University of Essex and Unicamp, leaders and representative entities of the Territory of Médio Juruá, representatives of the NGOs Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Native Amazonian Operation (OPAN), Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development, CBEDS, Sitawi - Finance for Good and the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI).

Work Group

Geographical Indication and Intellectual Property


Edervan Vieira - Environmental technician, resident of the Médio Juruá Extractive Reserve.


Eude Santiago - Coordinator of the Benefit Sharing Secretariat of the Médio Juruá Territory