Interaction between standards on the eradication of slave labour in supply chains

The implementation of the UK Modern Slavery Act in the meat and timber supply chains in Brazil

Conferência BPC

The project was carried out in a partnership between the Brics Policy Center, BPC - PUC RJ, Rights Lab of the University of Nottingham and the NGO Repórter Brasil. Two conferences were held at the BPC in Rio de Janeiro and interviews were held with meat and timber producing companies in the states of Paraná and São Paulo. Reports were produced, as well as a Guide on the eradication of slave labour in supply chains, an academic article and the film “Mãos à Carne” selected for an award at the UK research film festival.


The Interaction of Socio-Environmental Requirements and Supply Chain Management

It was held at BPC - PUC RJ, in April 2018, where were present, labour inspectors, prosecutors, researchers from Rights Lab and PUC RJ, Pastoral Land Commission, Repórter Brasil, CORE - UK, IMAFLORA and representatives of the meat and wood sectors in Brazil.


The Impacts of Antislavery Legislation on the Design of the UK Beef and Timber Supply Chains

Conferência BPC Free Slavery

It was held in November 2018, where representatives of the British Embassy, Rights Lab, the NGOs Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, Repórter Brasil, CORE UK among other guests from academia, representatives of civil society and the state were present.


Mãos à carne: How contemporary slavery contaminates cattle farming in Brazil

Short documentary that debates the impact of slave labour in Brazilian livestock farming and proposes, through a series of dialogues with civil society, academia, NGOs and the public sector, alternatives to combat it. The documentary was the only non-English language Latin American to compete in the Best Research Film category of the Research International Film Award 2020, of the Arts and Humanities Research Center, in the United Kingdom.