Sewing my Rights

Costurando meus direitos

Sewing My Rights was a project carried out with the support of the Brazil Human Rights Fund (2019-2020), which began before the pandemic broke out and which was carried through with courage and great responsibility on the part of its organisers and beneficiaries. But the tragedy did not spare one of our students, who did not resist COVID 19. Mrs. Alda, a diligent pupil before the pandemic, was the grandmother of Fernanda, who stood out in the group of children who benefited from recreational activities while their mothers or grandmothers learnt sewing techniques.

Throughout this troubled period, we remained united in the midst of debates on human rights, slave labour, entrepreneurship, and solidarity economy, initially in a face-to-face setting and after the advent of COVID 19, in a virtual environment. Sewing My Rights involved women from three communities in our city of Rio de Janeiro (Cantagalo, Prazeres and Providência) in a network to combat the virus and raise awareness about slave labour. Below are just a few of our results.

Work Group

Making Masks

Costurando os meus direitos

Manufacture of 3000 reusable masks in cotton fabric and respecting the guidelines of the Ministry of Health

Work Group

Comic production

Production of a children's comic book that tackled the issue of child slave labour

Artist and Writter: Reichan Calheiros

Grammar Revision: I-MiGRa

Research: Heloisa Gama, Reichan Calheiros, Silvia Pinheiro e Nelma Manhães

Read the comic book online:


Documentary short film Sewing My Rights

Short documentary film about the experience of the benefited women and children, highlighting the impact of the project in their lives. The film was directed by Josy Manhães, a resident filmmaker from Morro dos Prazeres, with award-winning work

Work Group

Slave labour, human rights, entrepreneurship

Working groups to raise awareness on slave labour, human rights, entrepreneurship